9-28-2017 Playable Beta is released!

Finally, with limited time I still managed to build a highly playable Beta version of the game.  It's not complete (only has 10 levels to play with), but it is highly playable and it shows what it is capable of in terms of fun and more level design possibilities.

Note to players:  This game utilizes (and requires!) accelerometer on the device.   Sorry, it is the only type of steering controls I feel is the best way to play it and I apologize to people who wants to try it but has no accelerometer on their  devices.  Looking forward, I think most (if not all) devices today are already equipped with this feature, so unless you are using a device that is more or less 5-6 years old, you should be able to play it.  

Looking back on its development, the level design and game development couldn't be much easier without the aid of the following tools I used:  (I apologize to the mods if this is inappropriate on this website.  I just want to share this to other Corona devs who might find these tools helpful). 

1.  Level Director X  (by Retrofit Productions) - A visual level editor.  A must if you make large maps.  I couldn't have made this game without it.  I simply cannot imagine constructing these huge maps without the aid of a visual editor.  

2. SSK2 by roaminggamer- a host of great functions and extensions of LUA to make programming life much easier.  You should focus on game designing, not on inventing codes to materialize your creative ideas unless you have a coder.  

3. Photoshop,  Physics Editor, Texture Packer, Sprite Illuminator by CodeAndWeb, Audacity  for my graphic assets, physics and sounds

I am doing this project solo and my biggest challenge is time.   Hopefully, in the next couple of months I should be able to complete this game.  I intend to have 60 levels in total, and some IAP (something I haven't tried doing).

Please feel free to hit me hard on the negative side of it.  I appreciate any positive comments and praises (if there is any), but to improve the game I should know the ugly side of it  ;)   




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Sep 28, 2017

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