Build 9-12-2017 - How planet BLUE looks like

Okay, life got in the way, so I had my hands off the project for a couple of days.  I came back and assembled my newly self-created assets to make a couple of levels for the world 2 of Heavy Vertical, that is, the Blue planet.

This preview gives you some glimpse of what the game's world 2 (planet Blue) looks like.    It also shows a level with the Lifter not carrying a load, but flying itself back to the capital ship high up on the atmosphere through dangerous "floating  rocks" and the risk of "Running out of Power" !  

While planet Umber resembles a Martian landscape (red, dry, dusty, toxic and uninhabited), planet Blue is a big opposite: lush green, thicker atmosphere, a little  stronger gravity and home to some species of unknown nature which could be friendly or hostile.   The planet also has some weird magnetic field disturbances that move atmospheric rocks with unpredictable trajectories making your hauling job much more dangerous and challenging.   Oh, I got my inspiration from the movie Avatar in designing this world.   

There are still some minor issues with the game that I have to fix before I can upload an APK for you guys to try so stay tuned.

Below is a  gameplay video of Blue planet.   I hope you like it. 



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