Heavy Vertical Build 9-8-2017 - "Horizontal heavies"


Updating you with another bit of progress report.  The title of the game suggests it is a vertically oriented flow.  Technically it is but HV should be an all-around Vertical Lifter versatile enough to perform a variety of load-hauling tasks.   

The following video shows a new level i assembled last night, a horizontally-oriented mission involving the hoisting much heavier load.  It also shows the Mark 2  Vertical Lifter - an upgraded  version of the default VL,  with a much more powerful rockets.  

As if taming your reflexes to make a good balance between gravity vs lift, or working with momentum vs inertia isn't hard enough, how about requiring the player to  mount a heavy piece of iron into it's right place on a construction site?  Sounds easy?  You'll be the judge as soon as a playable build APK will be available very soon.  Of course, that will be before September ends :)

Honestly, one thing that slows me down in making progress is that I JUST CAN'T STOP PLAYING THIS MYSElf!!  Testing a new level is one thing, but getting addicted to it is another.   Box2D physics is simply amazing.  With the right parameters it can be very fascinatingly realistic.

As noted on my earlier log, I have added the following:

- Visual cue when the engine temperatures are in a dangerously very hot zone.  The "cue" here is visual vibration - shaking the screen subtly

- Impact shake when the cargo collides with a very strong force  (minus -1000 score points in game)

- Little subtle visual effects, like when the engines rev up after an idle state

- Pause button should be visible all the time, even at the very start of a level, unless a dialogue box appears where the options there are the main focus

- After much thought, I don't think adding 3D-ish dynamic lighting at this point  (Dynamic Shader plugin from SporkFin Software) is practical ,  but I don't dismiss the idea that this can create a whole new set of fun and challenging gameplay!  Will revisit that feature again.

Here is a video of the new Level.  Hope you like it.   This is shown in a simulated iPad Pro device.  Notice the much wider display then previous videos. 



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